As a family on a journey to self sustainability we are always trying to find new things to make ourselves instead of having to buy. That was when we decided to try and make our own home-made delicious and nutritious yoghurt and it is actually so easy to make that we don’t know why we didn’t attempt it sooner.

Home made yoghurt with no added preservatives, sweeteners and made from natural unpasteurised milk is very different from your store bought variety and is very nutritious. Packed with the goodness of dairy and protein, the live bacterial cultures are excellent for the health of your gut – which in turn accounts for some 30% of the health of your immune system. So natural yoghurt is a wonderful addition to your families diet.

• All you do is get as much natural unpasteurised full cream milk as you want to make into yoghurt – we used 2 litres. Place a pot on the stove with water in it, and then place another smaller pot inside that pot to make a double boiler or water jacket effect, to prevent the milk from burning.
• Pour the milk into the top pot and heat it to 85˚C or until the milk begins to froth.
• Then cool the milk to 43˚C in a water bath so it cools evenly.
• Then add 2 table spoons of store bought plain yoghurt with live cultures to your milk.
• Pour the milk into clean, sterile containers and cover each tightly with a lid.
• You now need to keep the yoghurt warm and still in order to encourage bacteria growth for the next 6-8 hours (38˚C is optimal). We did this by keeping our yoghurt on our hot plate on very low overnight, but you could also place it in a cooler box with a big blanket over it over night. The longer you leave it beyond 7 hours the tangier it gets.
• In the morning place the yoghurt in the fridge and enjoy with your favourite flavourings or over cereal or in smoothies within the next 2 weeks.
• Just remember to keep some of your first batch as starter for your second batch.

We are happy to have found something else that we can make ourselves in a healthy, cost effective way.