How to dig and lay the foundations for a mud house

As with any house, you need to dig your foundation about half a meter deep and as wide as your brick. For the foundation we collected many small rocks from around our property and placed them into the bottom of the foundations about 30cm thick. We then sifted some sand and poured it over the rocks allowing it to get in-between them and into all the holes. Then we poured water over this bedrock forming a hard rock layer with no gaps. We compacted this layer to make sure it was strong and hard and left it to dry flat.

On this initial foundation we started to build our brick wall up to ground level. The process works like any other brick and mortar laying process except that the bricks are made of mud and the mortar is also a mud mixture which is pushed in between the bricks to hold them together. We continued like this until we reached our desired floor level.

As the cottage is built on a slope the foundation wall up to floor level is higher on the one side than the other to make sure the floor is level.