Organic Tips and Techniques

There are a few essential techniques used by all organic gardeners to get the best out of their gardens.

1. Making Compost is central to organic gardening as it is the natural way of retuning nutrients to the soil in a form that can be used by the plants and doing no harm to the soil structure itself.

2. Companion Planting is another important technique to know. It refers to planting certain plants together as they mutually benefit one another, or the one is able to keep pests away from the other.

3. Organic Pest and disease control is vital for the survival of your organic garden. The key is to find organic methods of controlling these problems before your garden is destroyed.

4. Worm Farming is a technique that produces the richest form of natural fertiliser you can get. It is made by red worms that eat your organic waste and turn it into precious food for your organic garden.