How to grow Salad Vegatables and Greens

Growing your own salad greens makes a big difference to your salads as their quality and flavour depend on their freshness, and if home grown, you can literally take them from the soil to your table. They take up a small amount of space and can be grown all year round if provided with some protection against frost. Salad crops are fast growing and are usually troubled by many pests and diseases. They all require a cool moist environment to grow.

There are many different types of salad greens including watercress, loose-head lettuce, endive, red-leaved lettuce, butter lettuce and crisp head lettuce.

Lettuces’ enjoy soils that were previously added manure, and preferably a semi-shade area of the veggie garden. Sow your seeds in seed trays kept in a greenhouse in late winter. When the seedlings are about 7cm tall, plant them out in early spring 20 cm apart. Continue sowing about ever 2 weeks to ensure a continuous supply.

Weed around the plants regularly and water as required. Harvest the lettuce by pulling it out the ground or cutting it off close to the ground with a sharp knife.