How to make the mud bricks for your mud house

We did a few experiments to ascertain which was the best soil on our property to use to make the bricks. We found that a loamy soil near the surface was the best option and did not crack when dry. We then made a brick mould out of wood 35cm by 25 cm in size. We used these to hold the mud while it was being compacted into a brick.

At this stage you will need to find a brick making location that is preferably close to where you will be getting your desired brick making sand. Clear this area to make place to work and then begin making the bricks. We also found that it is better to lay the bricks on plastic sheeting to prevent them getting wet from the ground when it rains and to help them to dry flat and not to pick up the sand underneath them.

You need to get a pile of the sand you want to use for building and add water to it. Mix this solution into a paste until it has the consistency of wet concrete. Then place your brick mould on the plastic sheet on the ground where you want your first batch of bricks to be situated. Then fill your brick mould with the mud you have prepared. Once the mould is full and the mud has been compacted in nicely to form a smooth rectangular brick you can remove your mould from the brick by pulling it up and off the brick, leaving the brick to dry. Your mould can now be washed of any excess mud and keeping it wet helps to make it easier to remove it off of the mud of your next brick. Continue in this way making mud and compacting it into bricks and leaving them to dry in the sun.

Cover your bricks with plastic whenever there is a chance of rain. After 2-3 days of drying you can turn your brick onto its side to dry underneath. After 4-5 days after being made they should be dry enough to stack or lay.