How to build green homes 101

As an experiment, we decided to build a self sustainable green home on our property built solely using materials that we could find on our land or the land directly adjacent to us. It was an idea of a good friend Grant who has lived with us for the past year.

It had been a dream of his for years, firstly just for the experience of doing it, but secondly so that he could help others – perhaps in rural areas or small subsistence farmers - to do it for themselves.

We would like to share this process with you and educate you on how to build a mud house for yourself. It is a very cost effective option that will not get you into debt like a normal house construction project would. Also, building it does not require the skills of a qualified draughtsman, builder or engineer etc.

It is actually an ancient concept that has been carried out by people groups around the world for hundreds of years, from Africa to the Middle East and peasants in Europe as far back as the 1600.

Our building process is still ongoing and the information will be uploaded as the project progresses, hopefully to be completed by early 2010. We hope you enjoy learning and trying this innovative and natural process.

Designing the house
Making the bricks
Digging and building the foundation
Building the walls
Installing windows and doors
The grass roof
Finishing off
Water & Electricity
Cooking and heating