How to grow bulb vegetables


Leeks are a wonderful winter crop that can survive all but the coldest winters. Like other bulb vegetables, leeks like sunshine and organically rich soil. Leeks can be sown in seed trays in mid spring. In early summer, make holes about 15cm deep and 15cm apart. Trim the roots of the leeks and cut off about half of the top. Plant one plant in each hole and pour some water into each hole to let some soil wash over the roots.

Leeks can be left in the ground until you want to eat them. They are generally not troubled by pests.


Onions store well so they can be kept and eaten all year round. Onions also enjoy lots of sunlight and organically rich soil.

They can be planted in shallow holes in early spring 5cm apart. In late summer the foliage will turn brown and wither. Harvest the crop when this happens and leave the bulbs out to dry in the sun. Then remove the tops and store the onions, or leave the leaves on and tie them together to form an onion bunch.

Spring onions, or salad onions are a smaller milder flavour but do not store well. You can plant them in the ground from early spring and do not need to be thinned out as they are thin plants that don’t need a lot of space. Harvest them when they are the desired size and eat them soon after.


Fresh garlic grown yourself is a wonderful addition to almost any dish and it is a very easy vegetable to grow. All bulb vegetables need lots of full sun and rich organic soil.

Garlic is not grown from seed but from cloves (segments of the bulbs) that can be bought from suppliers. Each clove should be planted with the point facing upwards in holes 2,5cm deep and 15 cm apart. Unlike other veggies, garlic is grown through winter so plant it in April (late summer) and leave it to grow through the winter, harvesting it in October.

The harvested bulbs can be dried out and strung up for use throughout the year. Garlic is generally not troubled by pests as they don’t like the taste and therefore forms one of the main ingredients in organic pesticide.