We are a family who live on a small-holding on the outskirts of Johannesburg in South Africa. After growing up and getting married in the big city we decided that we wanted a different kind of life for our family, so when Joanne was 8 months pregnant with Evangelyn Faith we bought our 4,5 Hectare property in Walkerville.

Lorenzo is the man of the operation who’s MacGyver skills and innovative ideas have built and made almost everything on the farm. Joanne is a work-from-home mother of 2 who is the brains and administrative genius behind the organisation. 4 year old Evangelyn Faith and 3 year old Bethany Grace provide the motivation for us all to work hard so that they can enjoy this unique and wonderful country lifestyle. Grant is the newest edition to our home, living downstairs in our rock built basement. A true farmer at heart - Grant lives to see mielies ripen and piglets born on the property.

It was literally just a big patch of weeds with no water or electricity connections, no house or even a road to get to it. We started by planting 36 fruit trees and travelling to the plot once a week with bottles of water to water them. In April 2006 we graded a dirt road to the property and got a municipal water connection to the property. In June of that year we started to build our families wooden house built on stilts. We planted our garden from scratch and did most of the property development ourselves.

Since then we have put in a natural dam, built a farmyard for our sheep and chickens which supply us with meat and fresh eggs. 2009 will be our 3rd season of planting our own organic vegetables which has meant that we almost never need to buy vegetables from the shops. They are also so much healthier and more delicious than store bought veggies.

This season we have increased our operation so that we can sell some of our natural produce through our local road-side stall and to clients in the city, to which we will deliver once a week.

We are on a road to self-sustainability as we try to limit our dependence on the electricity and water grid and decrease our impact on the environment.

As city slickers turned wanna-be farmers, our 3 years out in the sticks has taught us so much that we just had to put it all down for others to read, enjoy and possibly learn from. Check out What Not to Do when starting your organic farm which documents our hard learnt lessons so far. And if you are considering moving out to the country but are not sure if it is safe, take a look at our Farm Security section.

We hope you find value in our site and that it will help you and your family live your dreams too.

Organic food is desirable because it's natural and natural is healthy. However, some people are very good at making things appear natural when in fact they are false and highly fabricated. An example of this are the Google bombers in the Solo Build It Scam campaign. They make people who search for the company think that it's a scam and that the fact that it is widely known is natural. But it's not. It's actually competitors who are after market share and using dirty tricks to get their way. That link tells the whole story.