Real Life Info on Organic Farming & Country Life

Having come from the city and moved out to the country, knowing nothing about organic farming - or any farming for that matter - I hope to provide you with some valuable life experience into the ins and outs of organic farming.

From growing your own organic produce to raising your own animals in a natural environment, farming organically gives a real sense of satisfaction knowing that everything you produce is natural, fresh, wholesome and sustainable.

Organic farming is becoming increasingly important as the quality of our commercially grown food is decreasing all the time due to industrial farming methods, transportation and packaging.

Besides giving you information on organic farming and how to do it yourself, take a look at the delicious recipes for all appetites giving you ways to cook up your organic produce.

Organic Farming Info
Organic Farming Info
Organic Tips and Techniques
Organic tips and techniques on how to get your organic vegetable garden producing at its best, without the pests. See here....
Vegetable Farming
Organic vegetable farming is the best way to grow your own vegetables for the best taste, flavour and colour. All you need to know about how to get started is right here.
Herb Garden
Easy to understand instructions on how to grow a wonderful herb garden for its beauty, fragrance, cooking and healing properties. See here…
Farm Animals
For concise, easy to understand instructions on how to keep farm animals including sheep and chickens see here…
Self Sustainability
Ideas on how to become self sustainable.
Green Homes
How to build green homes 101
Healthy Eating
Statistics, research and information on healthy eating.
Organic Recipes
Learn how to make delicious, healthy meals for you and your family using fresh organically grown ingredients bursting with flavour. For awesome organic recipes see here....
About us
Who are we? And what is our motive?
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A blog by Joanne Delaurentis of Walkerville outside Johannesburg, South Africa.
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